I'm a Single Lady: Wonderfully Scary Halloween

Halloween can be a wonderfully scary time of the year. There are parties and dances and opportunities to meet new people. Years ago, I had dated a man quite a big younger than myself, but it just worked. We had a great time together and enjoyed doing the same things and our temperaments were quite similar. We always went with the flow. We were invited to a party on a farm in an old barn. They had decorated it for the season with bales of hay for seating and had a bon fire for warmth and low lighting that played into the atmosphere and theme of Halloween.

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I'm a Single Lady: Heartbroken or Head Strong?

I’m writing this the day after my big dance. To remind you the last outdoor dance of the summer has come and gone. I had high hopes a man I had met would be there and just maybe we would find that ever elusive connection. I have thought about the evening since the last dance two weeks ago when we danced and laughed and I realized I would really like to get to know him.

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I'm a Single Lady: Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel. That’s how I see the single world, very heartbreaking. It’s hard, week after week, rejection after rejection to still go out every week and try again. It only takes that one special connection but how can it be like finding a minnow in the Pacific Ocean?

I recently saw a man from literally across the room. There he was. Mr. Handsome. Good dancer, smiled a lot and seemed happy. What a draw for me! I watched him as he danced, quite often right in front of where I was sitting. Of course questioning is he too young? Too good a dancer for me? Too into his own friends or groups? There are nights I have a little more confidence in myself and ask others to dance, but this given night was not one of those. I’ll just admire him from afar. I danced a good amount with some male friends of mine and a couple dance with the girls and had a wonderful night.

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I'm a Single Lady: I'm Not Ready

We’ve all been there. You meet this great guy, cute, charismatic, you’re attracted to him but there’s just something not quite right. That was me of course. I met Sam and thought he was adorable. He saw me dancing and sent a drink over to the table. Since I only drink bottled water that told him I wasn’t a party animal by any means. He came over later and it thanked him and we began talking. It was the typical new person chit-chat. He wasn’t the type of guy I would usually be into, but since obviously what I had been doing wasn’t working, I decided to give it a chance.

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Is it Me or Her?

Have you ever dated someone and believed they were into you but as you started hanging around other couples or your friends you noticed he has a roving eye? Well, that exact thing happened to me.

Because we all hang out in the single dancing world we all have the same love of dancing, and everyone dances with each other; married and single alike. When I was with my date or shall we say boyfriend, dancing one evening, he had a little too much to drink, which I felt was becoming a problem happening much too often. I never said anything but could see it was turning me off and I was seeing another side of him emerging. He seemed to be flirting with one of my friends and asked her to dance, which I was used to but as I looked out on the dance floor they seemed to be a little too close for my comfort. I immediately put up my walls because I felt both had gone a little too far.

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