I'm a Single Lady: I Want More

Chemistry is as elusive as a butterfly in this single world or maybe I should say chemistry on both sides of the equation.

When you finally meet Mr. or Miss right or at least right for the moment, the heart flutters a little stronger, the nerves kick up a notch and life just seems a little brighter and full of promise. You can’t wait for them to call and see them whenever they are free. It’s going along so well, and feel this is someone I really like and enjoy their company.

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I'm a Single Lady: Never Change Who You Are

The world in which we live is filled with a myriad of people, all individuals, each unique in our own way. We spend an exorbitant amount of money on cosmetic procedures to improve our outward appearances and sometimes that works and improves us and sometimes it has an adverse reaction and we look worse than when we started. The inward part of us in this single world feels forced into many roles. One of them includes trying to change our inner selves, and sometimes our souls, in order to fit into a group or feel good enough for another man, so we change who we are. If only we could look at ourselves and realize we are loveable just the way we are and could draw a person of true worth.

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I'm a Single Lady: Hanging Onto Our Exes

Most of you including myself have been in love. It is hard to come by and few and far in between. So, it is easy for us to hang on long after we should walk away. It took me years to finally break the last couple of threads that remained in my mind. I mistook his intensions. After years of hearing stories from friends and my own experiences I realize there are a variety of different relationships.

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